Red Army Women from the Rebirth of Legend
Red Army Women from the Rebirth of Legend
  • Album Title:Red Army Women from the Rebirth of Legend
  • Item No:LP-079
  • Artists :Various Artists
  • Genre:Chinese Folk Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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When hearing the familiar music again, I feel the blood in my body boiling with the music… This representative piece for an age, I believe, will still arouse resonance in many people’s heart today. In addition to her particular history background, the power of influence is also the strong catalyzer.
Personally, I regard this piece, Dance Red Women Army, as the most successful and outstanding ballet music after the foundation of the new China. It embodies the crystal of collective creation at that time. The music bears revolutionary strength and passion, rhythm and innervation of ballet, materials and color of ethical tunes, characteristic artistic images, acoustics effect of symphony and drama. In a word, it is ethical, modern and epic… Whenever I take out the precious LP published in 1967 and play it on phonograph, I look forward to getting the enjoyment and astonishment from Hi-End ascoustis equipment when listining to the anamorphic timber produced 40 years ago.
Now, the opportunity finally comes. ABC (Int’l) Records used advanced technology to make process to the original master and finally produce them into SACD. Under the condition that the original taste is remained in the remade records, the quality of sound and acoustics effect are greatly improved. Such is the birth of a Hi-Fi edition, and rebirth of classic. The friends experiencing those years will absolutely attracted by the vivid melody of history, to review the never-surpassed performence and study the deeply artistic meaning of red classic from another viewpoint.
“Move on, move on…” Let’s experience the great strength from the classic

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