Quantegy 24 KT Gold Recordable CD 74 min/650 MB
Quantegy 24 KT Gold Recordable CD 74 min/650 MB
  • 產品名稱:Quantegy 24 KT Gold Recordable CD 74 min/650 MB
  • 產品編號:QCDR-02
  • 唱片公司:ABC(國際)唱片
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Gold CD-R 74 min/650 MB ¥456 ¥380




Quantegy CDRs are the only professional recordable compact discs to offer a gold reflective layer. This ensures the ultimate in error-free recording and the longest archival storage of any CDR on the market. Quantegy CDRs use a unique surface data shield that protects the disc from scratches and abrasions that can cause recording errors. Whether you are working in an audio studio cutting demos and distributing masters or recording the latest revision to your company’s CD-ROM, Quantegy has the CDR that meets your needs.

The QUANTEGY 24 Kt. Gold CD-R is our highest performance recordable disc, providing longevity and durability far in excess of conventional silver CD-Rs. Long-term applications such as data and e-mail archiving, photo and audio applications can benefit from the Gold CD-R’s strict quality control, 24 karat gold reflective layer and patented Phthalocyanine dye formula which offers storage life well in excess of 300 years.

    * 300 Year Longevity
    * Pure 24 Kt. Gold Reflective Layer
    * Greatest Resistance to Degradation
    * Unsurpassed archivability through the use of a gold reflective layer and pthalocyanine dye
    * Fully certified for use on high-speed recorders
    * A full line of features, including preprinted, blank, bulk and custom printed discs




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