NAB鋁杯上帶器 銀色
NAB鋁杯上帶器 銀色
  • 產品名稱:NAB鋁杯上帶器 銀色
  • 產品編號:ECS000075
  • 唱片公司:ABC(國際)唱片
CD產品 購入 會員價 市場價
一對價格 ¥800 ¥650




Original ALU Plastic NAB ADAPTER for Revox, Studer and other taperecorders
●Designed to meet the high expectations of today's tape recorder users
●Enables the use of NAB tapes on tape machines with trident hub.
●No vibrations even on fast winding tape recorders
●Available in eight colors Price is for pair adapters


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